Ornamental Organic Coco Mulch

Tonusol’s Organic Coconut Coir Mulch is a product that is very easy to install. It is fully in line with sustainable development as it reduces the need for water and herbicides. The nutrients provided by the coconut shells and the Lombric Compost enable the development of an important microbial life in the soil by regulating the variations in soil humidity and temperature.

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·       100% natural, fertilized with Lombric Compost.

·       1 mulching = 2 watering.

·       Can be used in organic farming in accordance with the current European legislation.

Avantages produit

Désherbe naturellement et empêche les mauvaises herbes
Limite l’évaporation du sol et contribue aux économies d’arrosages
N’acidifie pas les sols et améliore la structure et la qualité de la terre
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique
Protège la surface du sol de l’érosion liée aux pluies ou aux forts ensoleillements

Conseils d'utilisation

Lieu d'utilisation

A l'intérieur

Balcon / Terrasse


How to use Tonusol vegetable fertilized soil
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100% natural coconut coir, Lombric Compost.

Benefits of Coco Mulch:

·       Saves on watering

By reducing the evaporation at ground level, the mulch helps retain moisture around plants in times of drought.

·       Weeds out naturally

Thanks to its protective shielding against the sun, it prevents weeds from germinating and growing.

·       Protects plant roots

Thanks to its protective layer, it prevents roots from freezing and helps avoid soil compaction during winter rains.

·       Nourishes over time

Gradually provides during 8 to 12 months some organic matter and fertilizing elements essential to soil and plant life.

·       Brings out your flowerbeds and borders

Thanks to its color and shape, this mulch will bring out your beds, borders and terraces.


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