Organic Lawn Soil

Tonusol’s Organic Lawn Soil contains all the nutrients required for your lawn to flourish, even if your soil is of poor quality. Thanks to its properties, it aerates and facilitates the draining capacity of clay soils and increases the water retention capacity of sandy soils. This ideal environment promotes the rooting of seeds and the rising of a green, dense, and homogeneous lawn.

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·       Ready to use for when you prepare the ground before sowing and for annual care treatment.

·       Can be used in organic farming in accordance with the current European legislation.

Avantages produit

Régule l’humidité et permet l’évacuation de l’excès d’eau
Assure une germination rapide et régulière
Riche en oligo-éléments qui garantissent la nutrition des plantes
Fertilise les sols en profondeur et favorise le développement des racines
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique

Conseils d'utilisation

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How to use Tonusol vegetable fertilized soil
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White sphagnum peat moss, composted conifer bark, horse manure, sand, clay, marine algae, organic fertilizers, Lombric Compost.


One 40 L (10.5 gal) bag every 15 to 20 m2 (160 to 215 ft2)

-        Till the soil 15 to 20 cm deep (6 to 8 inches)

-        Break up cores and crumble the dirt.

-        Put a 5 cm layer (2 inches) of Tonusol’s Organic Lawn Soil.

-        Incorporate it with a cultivator.

-        Sow your seeds then water well so they get in the ground.


One 40 L (10.5 gal) bag for 25 m2 (270 ft2)

-        First off, use a thatch rake or lawn scarifier to remove the moss and weeds from your lawn, then aerate the ground with a digging fork.

-        Twice a year, in late winter and during spring, spread 1 cm (0.4 inch) of Tonusol’s Organic Lawn Soil by hand.

-        Sow the seeds, water.


-        First off, dig the bare or yellowish patches.

-        Break the cores and crumble the dirt. Put a 5 cm layer (2 inches) of Tonusol’s Organic Lawn Soil.

-        Sow the seeds, water so they get deep in the ground.

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