Organic Repotting Compost

Tonusol’s Organic Repotting Compost is perfect for all plants, allowing them to naturally grow and blossom. It provides a nutritious medium ideal for root development. Its exclusive formula was designed to combine the qualities of various peats for water storage and aeration.


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·       Ready to use for repotting, general care of the topsoil in your garden, beddings, and for plants and flowers both outdoors and in planters.

·       Contains trace elements and natural fertilizers.

·       Provides fertilizers for up to 6 months.

·       50% less watering.

·       Can be used in organic farming in accordance with the current European legislation.

Avantages produit

Régule l’humidité et permet l’évacuation de l’excès d’eau
Riche en oligo-éléments qui garantissent la nutrition des plantes
Favorise une floraison intense et prolongée
Améliore la résistance aux maladies et aux parasites
Renforce la défense naturelle des plantes et évite le choc du transplant
Produit utilisable en agriculture biologique

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How to use Tonusol vegetable fertilized soil
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White sphagnum peat moss, black peat, Lombric Compost, composted conifer bark, coconut coir, organic fertilizers, marine algae.


Repotting should be performed in spring or fall when roots start peering on the surface or through the drainage holes.

-        Pick a pot larger in diameter than the previous one, carefully pull out the plant without damaging the roots. Cut off the dead ones.

-        Place shards or gravel at the bottom of the pot to ensure adequate drainage.

-        Fill 1/3 of the pot with Tonusol’s Organic Repotting Compost.

General care: About 3 months after repotting, add onto the surface of the pot some Tonusol’s Organic Lombric Compost 2 to 3 times a year.


SURFACE TREATMENT: For outdoor gardening and planters

Every year in spring, remove the top 4 to 6 cm layer (1.6 to 2.4 inches) of the old compost and replace it with fresh Tonusol’s Organic Repotting Compost. Pack lightly with your hands and water generously.

VERY IMPORTANT: For general care and in order to provide nutrients to your plants, add Tonusol’s Lombric Compost onto the surface every six months.


PLANTING: Preferably in spring, even better in fall.

Flowerbeds: Mix 1/3 Tonusol’s Organic Repotting Compost with 2/3 garden soil and put a 15 cm-thick layer (6 inches) where you intend to plant.


Garden beds and planters: Place shards or gravel at the bottom of the container for drainage. Fill with Tonusol’s Organic Repotting Compost. Place your plants and fill the container up with some more compost. Pack lightly and water generously.



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